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The little store in Stockholm that respects the time, willpower and effort that goes hand in hand with the love, the dream and the ambition of the artisan. We ship worldwide.


On Dalagatan 26 in the heart of Stockholm you’ll find this little place full of special pieces that you won’t find anywhere else in Sweden. It’s mostly handmade items from Japan, Italy and the US.


From Japan there are the fantastic Kontex towels made using the old traditional machines. And of course, our handwoven scarves and shawls from the Maki Textile Studio.


From Italy, more precisely, Tuscany we have brought the famous Sorana fagiolo. Not far from Sorana, in Pescia we found a retired banker, now a master, who does wonderful handmade baskets. In Bevagna we found the twisted beeswax candels. Knives and corkscrews come from Scarperia, the hub of cuttlery production since the middle ages.


Come visit us!

Dalagatan 26, Stockholm, Sweden
Tuesday to Friday 12–18.00
Saturday to Sunday 12–16.00
Monday we rest